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Winery in Residence

Like so many others, we found ourselves longing for connection over the past two years. Mostly that longing drove us deep into our own work because that’s what farming does in reflective moments – it finds more of itself. The world of regenerative farming is growing, for certain, and while the work of regeneration is older than the plow, modern practitioners have been largely separated in the quiet of their own work. The connections that can be found online, on social media, and through organizational efforts are powerful, letting us know the toil is not futile. During 2022, we are hosting residencies at our farm for like-minded farmers and vignerons to pour their wines and share stories with guests.

Each Winery in Residence weekend presents multiple opportunities for guests to join us at the farm. A dinner is held on each Friday evening and a lunch each Saturday. Occasionally, a Sunday open house style tasting is available, as well. Each event is available to be reserved separately.

We hope you will join us to experience farming that is changing wine, changing communities, and changing the world.

DishTroon Vineyard

July 8-9

Troon Vineyard has returned to the dream of its founders under the guidance of owners, Denise & Bryan White. With a talented team in place, the work and wines have achieved new-found recognition by refocusing on soil health through biodynamic & regenerative farming. Eric Asimov, wine critic for The New York Times, recently called the wines "fresh, lively, and expressive." We couldn't agree more. Events for the weekend include Friday dinner and Saturday lunch.

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