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Breeding Livestock

The same overarching philosophy that shapes our farming also informs our breeding selection and animal husbandry. Beauty and expression are built through diversity and true self-sustainability. This requires livestock to exhibit hardiness and the ability to excel at essential functions in their environment without outside influences and support. For over two decades, we have stridently built our farm with these ideals in mind. This approach generally holds short-term gain in poor regard and instead favors a multi-generational sense of purpose. We sacrifice today to build tomorrow, knowing that while we are just passing through, our work will echo across time. Through the years, our tomorrows have become easier, more productive, and more resonant.

We hope to pass on these principles to aspiring and established farmers looking for a better path. We do not place high emphasis on registration and breed standards as they do not begin to value these ideas. Function, independence, hardiness, health, and enjoyability of work are the standards by which we judge the quality of our livestock.

For all serious breeding inquiries, please contact us at info@antiquumfarm.com.

Cotournix Quail Eggs

Our fertile Jumbo Brown Cotournix Quail Eggs are available from February 15th through November 1st. Eggs are guaranteed to have been gathered within the previous five (5) days of your order and stored under proper conditions. Eggs are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment in secure, straw-packed cartons.

Hatch rates average 60-65% to as high as 85%, although rates can vary widely based upon incubation conditions and storage. We recommend complete prior setup and immediate incubation when your eggs arrive. Best hatch rates are achieved with eggs not much older than 7 days.

Jumbo Cotournix quail are ready to process in 8-9 weeks when raised properly. Each bird will dress out to approximately 13-15 oz. The succulent dark meat is lean, flavorful, and extremely delicious. Cortournix are a mellow-tempered strain of quail, and they are a joy to raise. Given enough space, they do not exhibit the aggressive behaviors associated with raising other game birds. You may be surprised to see your quail begin laying eggs as quickly as 5 weeks of age. These birds are a heavy meat strain and are not suitable for release and game hunting operations.

$50 per 3 dozen, including shipping.

Katahdin/Dorper Sheep

For over two decades, we have based our sheep flock's genetics on ewes with excellent mothering instincts that are capable of raising multiple healthy lambs on a 100% forage diet. In addition, we have vigorously selected for parasite and disease resistance along with healthy feet. The rule is simple – get caught slipping and you are out. The result is a flock that has required no vaccinations, wormers, or foot treatments for over 12 years.

We can also boast of a 185% lambing rate and lamb quality that is second to none. The lambs are exceptionally vigorous at birth and are usually on their feet within 2-3 minutes and nursing without assistance within 4-5 minutes. We have seen babies up and nursing in under 2 minutes. Lambs will grow out to 90-100 lbs on our marginal hillside pastures in 10-12 months and hang at roughly 50-55 lbs. Quicker processing dates are very possible on richer soils and pasture. The lamb is exceptionally mild and tender when properly finished on Spring or Fall grass.

We have never (and will never) sell off culls as breeding stock. We do not believe in handing off our problems for short term gain. Any ewe or ram prospect offered for sale is one that we’d be proud to retain for ourselves. If you are looking for a low maintenance producer of exceptional lamb, Antiquum Farm is the place to start.

Guardian Dogs

Our legendary Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) are the type of dogs that shepherds write songs about. They’ve maintained an impressive record for 12 years with no losses under heavy predator pressure. All of our multi-talented LGDs protect a mixed farm of sheep, pigs, geese, chickens, and ducks. It is a rare dog that can effectively guard all of these species simultaneously. We have specifically selected our dogs for their fierce bonding instincts, speed, agility, and vigilance.

We do not subscribe to the "don’t touch 'em, don’t love 'em" school of thought. Our dogs are friendly and eager farm ambassadors who are gentle and loving with people and assertive with predators. We have seen no downside to treating our dogs as family. We believe the old-school method of training and bonding LGDs is simply unnecessary and runs counter to the reasons we farm. We do everything with heart and soul at Antiquum Farm, and our dogs are the last area where we would ever compromise our principles. They are living proof that LGDs can be both loved and extremely effective.

Truly exceptional guardian dogs are very hard to find. We believe in LGDs as an elegant and enjoyable solution to problems that often pit farmers and ranchers against their own ideals. We endeavor to pass on the outstanding traits of our line to other farmers and ranchers in need of hardy, healthy, faithful, and hardworking partners.




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