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This wine is a testament to the untamed heart, soul, and mind, of our son, Juel.  Juel is never predictable and is unintereseed in the prescribed constraints of the the status quo.  This Pinot Noir follows his example.

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This lively Pinot Noir is blended from every single fermentation in the cellar and is meant to be enjoyed immediately while cellaring the other wines. It is available exclusively to our Farm Family members and is offered as our annual "Thank You" for supporting Antiquum Farm.

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Passiflora captures the most ethereal and eccentric voice of Antiquum Farm in a stunningly elegant profile. From the highest elevations of the site displaying floral and tropical tones, this wine is a Pinot Noir unlike any other. 

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The lower elevations in the vineyard hold a one-acre parcel of vines straddling a seam between two clonal blocks.  This small section of the site expresses the dark and brooding voice of Antiquum Farm. Firmly earth-rooted, its structure is a rich foundation expressing a Pinot Noir of unparalleled power and depth.

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The 2021 vintage brought us warm and dry conditions that yielded interesting results in a small section of our Pinot Gris.  Ficus displays a deep layered texture and richness we hadnot previously witnesssed.  The intimate scale and humane pace of our farming allows us the opportunity to see these changes in small sections of the vineyard and capture them for your enjoyment.

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