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For the Trade

Antiquum Farm wines are distributed in 15 states in the United States. Our wholesale, retail, and restaurant partners have long been the driving force behind our success. We make every effort to support our partners in sharing the Antiquum Farm story and promoting the wines. All materials and information provided on this website are freely available and encouraged for use for educational and promotional purposes.

For a list of current distribution partners, please click on the tab above or in the Trade drop down menu. If you are interested in carrying our wines in your restaurant or bottle shop, please contact the distributor in your market directly.

If you are a distributor interested in adding Antiquum Farm to your portfolio, please email Andrew at abs@antiquumfarm.com.

We highly encourage trade partners to visit the farm and experience our work firsthand. Please send an email to reservations@antiquumfarm.com to inquire about a trade visit.

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