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Farm Experiences

Into The Weeds 

A deep dive into all things Antiquum Farm

Lace up your boots and join farmer, Stephen Hagen, as we dive deep “Into the Weeds" at Antiquum Farm. Stephen will be leading an intimate group on an in-depth tour of the Springtime farm activities, digging into the details of Grazing-Based Viticulture. Activities will be optionally interactive. Guests will have the opportunity to assist in or observe farming activities in real-time.  This is an opportunity to access one of  American farming's more creative minds bent on changing how we see expression and sustainability in wine growing.

2-hour Farm Tour followed by lunch at the Farm Cottage for a casual lunch and wine tasting.

Next Session:
Saturday. March 23rd
12 Spots  | 
3 hours



Farm Kitchen Classes

Build your kitchen skills at Antiquum Farm

Join Chef David Evans and our Culinary Team for an evening in the Farm Cottage Kitchen mastering kitchen skills and preparing a meal that highlights the bounty of the Southern Willamette Valley. Each session will include a hands-on class followed by a shared meal paired with Antiquum Farm Wines. Classes may be taken individually or build on each other to build a more complete culinary skill set.

Groups of 1-8 | 3 hours



BOOK | March 2023
Kitchen Basics & Knife Skills

BOOK | April 2023
Poultry; break down, roasting, and preparing stock.


Butchery Classes

Lamb Butchery with Stephen Hagen

Available only to those who purchase a grass- fed whole lamb. Spend a day at the Antiquum Farm Cottage with Stephen Hagen as your lamb butchery sensei.  Choose your own cuts, wrap and package them exactly the way you want while learning a few tricks and tips from the farmer himself.

Lamb purchasers will be notified when their lamb is ready in early Summer.  Butchery classes are booked privately depending on availability.

Sessions will be available in early Summer.
Groups of 1-2

$75 + Lamb Purchase



Need assistance booking your reservation?   Contact us at 541.998.3153 or reservations@antiquumfarm.com

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