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Winemakers tend to talk a lot about style. We see style as erosive to the pursuit of authentic wine displaying uncompromised character. Antiquum Farm wines are only bound by the limits of our estate fruit articulating defined expressions.

Our winemaking choices follow the lead of the vineyard, and we operate in the cellar using the same principles as our farming: Listen, observe, and get out of the way. We place ultimate trust in the farm to provide the unique expression of Antiquum Farm, believing it will always reveal the wines to us if we take the time to listen.

We continually explore a deeper meaning of terroir, pursuing what is true for this particular time and place. Accepting what we are given and celebrating the unexpected has led to wine expressions we did not anticipate. Like the vineyard, the wines undergo a process of revealing themselves to us. Our hope is that when you enjoy our wines, you discover something delicious and individual that could only come from our Willamette Valley farm.



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