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Grass-Fed Whole Lamb

Grass-Fed Whole Lamb

Simply the best lamb you will ever have. The quality of our lamb is the result of a combination of factors: great genetics, outstanding husbandry, forage management, and humane handling and processing. Chefs and customers rave about the richly flavorful, tender, and mild qualities of our humanely raised lamb. A diverse diet rich in chlorophyl (and without grain) grows lamb meat with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fats (more of the good fats, less of the bad). They come cut, packaged in shrink wrap, boxed, and frozen.

Your $125 deposit covers the processing cost for USDA-inspected Anderson Ranches, a Certified Humane ranch and processing facility in Brownsville, OR. The final cost for each lamb is $7/lb based on hanging weight, which typically ranges from 55-65 lbs. We are currently taking reservations for lambs coming available in early summer of 2024.

*Pick-up recommended. Delivery is provided in the greater Eugene and Portland area.  Lambs can be shipped 2nd day and full shipping will be charged. Be advised, shipping a box of lamb at 2nd day rates range  $90-$350.

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