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Pasture Raised Turkey 19-25lbs

Pasture Raised Turkey 19-25lbs

Antiquum Farm turkeys live the good life, free ranging on pasture and foraging in our vineyards.   We grow our big birds slowly as they capitalize on a healthy chlorophyl rich diet and robust insect populations. Slower growth translates to an intensely flavored bird.  Humane handling and processing with care and consideration are foremost principles of our farming.  These methods are not merely more ethical.  They also create to a superior product. Our grass-fed turkeys will make anyone reassess the common held belief that turkey is a presentation stunt best reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You may find yourself saying, "wait... this is turkey.?!" 

We advise cutting all turkeys "airline style" in order to cook both breast and thigh meat to optimum temperature.   This also enables you to utilize a larger bird and fit any oven.  Our birds run from large to ridiculonosaurus sizes.  Leftovers of these delicious birds don't last long.   Consult our how-to-video to master the easy airline cut here.

We offer three sizes.  19-25lbs, 26-30lbs, and 31-35lbs.   Birds are processed whole and packaged frozen.   Please contact us at info@antiquumfarm.com to arrange for pick up at the farm.  Pick-up only. Item cannot be shipped.

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